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Welcome to H2O Polo! When H2O Polo began in 1995 we envisioned a site where the users would build its content every day, a virtual network of water polo correspondents on teams around the world.

Thanks to evolution of Web technology, that day is here. Now you, the water polo player and fan have the opportunity to interact dynamically with this site. We invite you to submit your water polo news and links today! The information you submit will appear on the site immediately!

Top 5% Of Web Sites

Hot Shots &Amp; Cool Links Hot Shots & Cool Links

is our list of other water polo sites on the World Wide Web. Currently, we list collegiate and club teams (in the U.S. and abroad) and water polo resources. We envision this list growing quickly to feature more teams, leagues, etc. Add a link!

Player of the Week Player of the Week

is traditionally the player who has gone the extra meter to help his or her team win. Yet, this honor can be bestowed for many other worthy deeds, so nominate someone for this prestigious award.

Help Guide Help Guide

Want to know more about H2O Polo and how to participate? Help offers details on each section, the site map, and background on H2O Polo.

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